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I had the privilege of working with Matt Maylin for 3 years. Matt was the Senior Administrator for the region, and I was a brand new Regional Nurse Consultant (RNC). Matt knows the nursing home industry better than any administrator I have ever worked with. I saw him have great regulatory and financial outcomes while simultaneously ensuring quality of care and building a strong team. When I worked with Matt, he was responsible for the Administrator in Training program and mentored stellar administrators that I still work with today. 


During our time working together, Matt was a mentor to me. As a new RNC, I relied on Matt's expertise when navigating tough regulatory and risk management scenarios. Matt shared his knowledge and helped me become a better nurse executive in the nursing home industry. In addition, the facilities I oversaw had better quality and regulatory outcomes after we adopted many of his recommendations. 


Since my time working with Matt, I have continued to grow in my career and become a better nurse executive. I wouldn't be where I'm at today without the knowledge I gained from working with Matt. Matt has years of experience and is a vault of information. If anyone has the opportunity to work with Matt, I highly recommend it.

Nicole Smith RN, MSN

Director of Clinical Services

Motivational Speaker


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