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Matt Maylin, LNHA

Professional Nursing Home Administrator Coach

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 2009

Proud Husband and Father of 5 

Chico, CA

A Bit About Me

Hey- I wanted to share a little bit about myself and how I ended up a Nursing Home Administrator. No, it was not my childhood dream to be an Administrator, in fact, I never even considered it until my second year in collage. I walked in late to my first day of class at the university. Happen to sit next to a guy (still friends to this day) who worked at a nursing home as the Marketing and Admissions Director. After class that day he informed me of a job at the nursing home he worked out. The job: COnceirge for the short term rehab patients. I interviewed and started the next week. the second half of the story is about my amazing wife. Right after we got married she graduated with a degree in Recreation Therapy. Her first job was as an activity director at a Long Term Acute Hospital. That is where i fell in love with what would be my career for the next 15+ years. Since then we have moved from Utah to New Hampshire to California to Utah and then back to California. Along the way having 5 beautiful children that we love and adore.

Work Experience

June 2009 - July 2012

New Hampshire

July 2012- June 2017

Northern California

June 2017- Current


My first job as an Administrator where I learned the all the basics was at a small 52-bed Nursing Home in Milford New Hampshire. Here is where I thought the job was easy becuase I had no clue how to be an Administrator. 

This was the start of the hardest 5 years as an administrator. I had the SEIU union for my aides, dietary/housekeeping and a machinist union for my nurses (long story) This nursing home is where I learned the hard way how to be an Administrator. The state survey agency was know to be the toughest in the western Unites States. I went through 5 surveys there, received many IJ's, harm tags, and had numerous re-surveys. I truly learned through some very difficult times at this facility.

Utah is where I learned to manage multiple facilities at a time as I was a Senior Administrator and Regional Vice President. Being a Senior Administrator was a challenge. I managed my own facility and then had supervisory responsibilities over 4 more. I was also asked to move facilities 3 times with this company to help flip the facility from the funk they were in at the time.  During these 4 years I worked heard to achieve a 4 -5 star overall CMS rating at 3 different facilities, and saw 2 facilities go from losing money monthly to actually be profitable. One of the facilities saw a 1.3 million dollar EBITDA turn around in a 1 year. 

We moved back to Northern CA in August of 2021 where I am currently managing a facility. This was a different situation where we bought this nursing home from a local hospital and had to start from scratch to making this place function to profitability. About 6 months in and just after our first federal survey we were notified that we were selceted as a Special Focus Facility due to the poor results of the hospital who owned the facility for 5 years.  I have been here for just about a year and a half now the facility is making money each month, and we are one survey away from graduating from the special focus program! 

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